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Directory of laser skirmish providers in Australia


Laser Tag in a Box

Notes from their website: We believe in creating happy memories with Laser Tag fun. Happy memories for kids' birthday parties, vacation care activities, for summer camps, or simply fun family events.

Battlefield LIVE

Laser Skirmish

Notes from their website: Laser Skirmish is the original brand of outdoor laser tag. We've been making kids (and the young at heart) happy for more than 10 years in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

ABC Fun Rides

Notes from their website: We specialise in fetes and fun days, corporate picnic, sporting club and church events as well as parties and private functions.

Laser Commando

Notes from their website: We specialise in laser skirmish in Brisbane for: parties, corporate events, get-togethers, school breakups, shows, fetes, team building and more!

Laser Skirmish CQ

Notes from their website: Most of our missions are completed at our Seeonee Park Headquarters in Rockhampton or Tondoon Botanic Gardens in Gladstone however we are fully mobile and can cater for special events such as birthdays in the backyard or fetes.

Mango Hill Skirmish

Notes from their website: Laser tag outdoors for all ages/roofed picnic areas for birhdays.

Battlefield Echo Creek

Notes from their website: Inspired by Popular Video Games, Kids Birthday Party Ideas are made easy and No fuss. Just fun for the kids and fun for you.

Darling Downs Laser Skirmish

Notes from their website: Most of our laser skirmish guns shoot over 150 meters, they all have pinpoint accuracy, red-dot or telescopic scopes, and you get unlimited ammunition in every mission. And any age can participate in this fantastic simulation game and you get great combat action full of fun and excitement.

Adrenalin Laser Tag Mackay

Notes from their website: Laser tag is a modern-day version of cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians bought into the modern world using hi-tech equipment.

Roma Laser Games

Notes from their website: Roma Laser Games is a locally owned and operated small business that offers live action games using infrared technology. Suitable for all ages, it’s an energetic outdoor live action game. There are no projectiles and no requirements for licenses.

Cairns Laser Tag

Notes from their website: Lasertag is a small business run by a local family.

Flame Lily Adventures

Notes from their website: Laser skirmish is a totally harmless form of military type combat, using "Cobra" laser gaming guns that "shoot" a light/beam at sensors mounted on headbands.


Notes from their website: These guns are currently being used by the military as some of their training systems. Our open grassed woodland to dense jungle and beach battlefields are truly realistic.

New South Wales


Notes from their website: Play outdoors in our battlefields or

in your premises, day or night using the latest high-tech gaming technology S.A.T.R.

Splat Attack Laser Skirmish

Notes from their website: If you're planning a trip to Splat Attack and you'd like some information you can show your friends, feel free to download or print off an information pack...

Battlezone PlayLive

Notes from their website: There are no age or fitness barriers, anyone can projectiles, no pain, no bruising!

Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures

Notes from their website: Laser skirmish is an adrenalin-fuelled, team combat simulation played outdoors. Laser skirmish is an outdoors equivalent of laser tag, which is generally played indoors

Armidale Sport and Recreation

Notes from their website: Lasertag is a high tech game of hide and seek

South Australia

Stony Creek Bush Camp Caravan Park 
Notes from their website: Maybe 
your looking for a place to hold a get-together, club meet or just a party. Enquire now for venue book-out. We can offer the whole park up to bookings over 50 people. Park offers 2 camp kitchens (one doubles as a stage), amenities, playground and use of laser skirmish guns.

Western Australia

Laser Corps

Notes from their website: Players using our safe combat military simulation system fire a harmless infrared beam (similar to a TV remote) to try to eliminate opposing players. No projectiles are fired. It’s like playing in a live computer game only OUTDOORS!!

Notes from their website: The game style and scoring are based on team outcomes. Laserscape is ideal for social clubs, parties and team building. Get a group together for some serious fun. Laserscape offers adventure and action in a totally new dimension.

Battlezone Laser Combat

Notes from their website: No Pain, Bruising or Projectiles means a great time for all.  We offer a variety of venues, weapons and scenarios for laser combat that's safe, affordable and fun for all ages.

Southern Skirmish Laser Tag
Notes from their website: Our phasers have great light and sound effects, are accurate and shoot up to 170+ metres. Suitable for all ages, Laser Tag does not require a high level of physical fitness; it is more a game of stealth.


Tas Laser Skirmish

Notes from their website: Players are kitted up with army camouflage clothing and provided with a choice of guns from our armoury. We have smaller guns like our scorpion SMG, right through to our Morita sniper rifle with telescopic scopes.


Challenge Laser Skirmish

Notes from their website: Two teams with equal armouries battling it out for honour and glory with heaps of laughs thrown in.

Laser Strike

Notes from their website: Laser Strike is like paintball but without the pain and bruises. Laser Strike is best described as an Army skirmish sport in a safe and exciting outdoor and indoor battlefield. Realistic guns, sound effects and camouflage gear give players a real taste of the battlefield experience.

Ultimate Battlefield

Notes from their website: Ultimate Battlefield is one of the coolest recreational activities in the world. A non-contact sport which is played in more than 33 different countries worldwide.

Combat Zone

Notes from their website: Combat Zone outdoor laser skirmish is a live interactive battle simulation utilising state of the art infrared weaponry. Combining the safety and technology of indoor laser gaming with the adrenaline of paintball battles.

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