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Laser Commando Laser Tag – The Perfect Team Building Activity

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Photo of an adult playing outdoor laser tag as part of a team building event.

7 Reasons why Laser Commando laser tag (also known as laser skirmish) is the perfect team-building activity for the best price:

1. Elevate team spirit when playing laser tag

Increase team motivation and enthusiasm with fun laser tag games. The missions encourage teams to work together, which is excellent for team bonding. Including a fun laser tag session as a treat for your staff to look forward to during the year is a great way to foster team bonding and will improve workplace satisfaction.

2. It's easy to organise a laser tag team building event

Our booking process is easy. We can host the games for you for a couple of hours (or more) or you can rent the laser tag equipment for a full day. We provide in-person training and a 1-page Quick Start guide when we deliver the kit to equip you to maximise your experience!

3. Laser tag is an affordable team building activity and excellent value for money

We pride ourselves on offering customers the best pricing we can. Get the best value for your money when you rent our laser tag set for a full day at $28 per laser tag gun. We require a minimum booking of 6 laser tag guns.

Do you have a large group but a limited budget? Consider dividing the group into smaller teams that take turns to play 10-minute laser tag games. Doing so will save you money while providing a fun experience for your group, as you can choose to pay for laser tag guns you reserve rather than the number of players. If the games are played in a public park or backyard - there is no venue cost either!

BYO drinks and you're all set!

4. Get out of the office and into nature - laser tag is one of the best outdoor team-building activities

Escape the disruptions and commotion of your typical workplace and surroundings by immersing yourself in nature with our advanced technology outdoor laser tag equipment.

Let your imagination and fellow workmates run wild as you compete in thrilling laser tag missions such as Elimination, Domination and Get to the Chopper!

Watch as teams work together with creativity and efficiency, competing for the title of the winning team.

5. Laser tag is suited to all fitness levels

Whether your play style is to hide in the grass with a large sniper gun or run after a flag to capture it for your team - there is a part for you to play in every mission - no matter your fitness level.

Photo of an adult laser tag team building event

6. Enjoy a private booking or make it a family-friendly event

We can help you organise a laser tag event for your whole company, particular departments, or any team or collection of individuals in your institution.

Your booking can be limited to just you and your workmates - or get everyone to invite their family to participate in the action too. We have up to 40 laser tag guns available to book. Our variety of laser tag guns suits adults and kids aged 6+.

7. A laser tag team building event is a fantastic way to reward employees or members of an organisation

If you'd like to acknowledge your team's accomplishment of a milestone or a successful period of time, or celebrate the start of a new year - a laser tag team-building event can do just that.

There's no doubt that laser tag, as a team-building activity, presents an excellent opportunity to enhance group skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and communication by encouraging players to face challenges together and foster a more cohesive team dynamic.

After a long week at the office, it's a brilliant way to unwind and share some laughs with your colleagues.

Email to book a laser tag team-building event. Then get ready to make some fun memories you will be talking about for years to come!

Why laser tag is the perfect team building activity

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