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Mr. and Mrs. Smith Laser Tag Rental: Action, Adventure and Romance

If you have your partner's birthday or your anniversary coming up and you're not sure what to do. consider getting the perfect combo gift of Action, Adventure and Romance that you can enjoy in the safety of your own home.

Our Mr. and Mrs. Smith Laser Tag Rental Package

Imagine the fun of playing laser tag games for hours in your backyard with the kids! Then ending the day with a romantic picnic set up for just the two of you. Our Mr. and Mrs. Smith Laser Tag rental costs $300 and includes:

1. A Laser Tag Kit

  • Six laser tag phasers to entertain yourselves and the kids. Take your pick between Cobra, Scorpion or Commando Carbine phasers from our armoury website page

  • An easy-to-follow instructional video that shows you how to make the best of your kit

  • Flags to play Capture the Flag, rented caps, medic boxes and essentials

2. A Romantic Picnic Setup

  • A teepee set up for you in your garden

  • Fairy lights

  • A rug

  • Two pillow cases

  • Two lamps

  • A small table

The price of $300 includes delivery, setup and pickup. All you would need to add is your favorite snacks and a bottle of wine or other drink of your choice with glasses. We can also organise the snacks at an additional cost.

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